Help kids get access to sports shoes, clothes and equipment

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Less than a week into my latest foray into blogging, and I’m already off the beaten path relative to music and jazz and such. In my previous post, I noted that I’m a runner, and I am. However, I’m also on the board of directors for Oklahoma City’s oldest running event, the Redbud Classic.

We’re celebrating our 35th anniversary.

This year, the money all goes to Oklahoma Cleats for Kids, “an Oklahoma City based non-profit that collects and distributes sports shoes, clothes and equipment to kids in need.” The idea is that a lack of money shouldn’t stand in the way of a young person being able to develop healthful habits, such as being active.

And what’s great about the Redbud event is that all proceeds go to the beneficiary. Not 8% or 23% or a dime for every dollar. All of it.

Many of our sponsors for this year’s event, to be held on April 8-9, are already set. However, we do this thing called “Picket Fences,” where 2×4 coroplast signs are posted to a fence with the message of your choice.

The asking price for this advertising is $250, and the money goes right back into the community to help kiddos. You could advertise your business. You could promote your website, your YouTube channel, your new album. You could post a message of your choosing that has nothing to do with a business or enterprise whatsoever.

More than 15,000 people gather at the Redbud finish line each year, not to mention all the traffic that passes by the area (located in northwest Oklahoma City and Nichols Hills) during the days leading up to the event. I’m told the fencing gets installed this year two weeks before the event, so this advertising would cost you $17.86 per day.

All signs will be uniform, one-color 2×4 white coroplast and will be professionally produced. And if you reach out to me to do this, I’ll make sure and tweet the heck out of your sign and even write up a blog post about your business or venture. You can post it to your site, or I can post it to mine. Your choice.

That’s what we call added value.

For the kids.


Hit me up via Facebook or Twitter.

Even if you can’t spare $250, consider participating as a bicyclist or runner. You can register here!

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