December 5, 2023

If you’re new to my blog, I’ll reset briefly at the top. In Nov. 2019, I jacked up my back, and by I — I mean that either I got old or I fell through the attic or I got in a car wreck in late 2018 or a chiropractor visit went very awry.

Or some combo of all four.

It’s not just that I can’t stand up straight. I’m in pain pretty much constantly, anywhere from a 3 to a 9.

And then I eventually got so down about it that I reached out to my original chiropractor, who I liked and who I should have been visiting all along. I tucked my head between my legs and mea culpa-ed my way back to at least the start of physical rehab.

When you’re 25, a tweaked back is a couple of chiropractor visits away from being fixed. When you’re 49, it’s six months of rehab.

I visit her three times per week, and here’s what we do: I spend 20 minutes on a TENS machine with pads on different parts of my back each visit. Sometimes, I lie on the back roller machine for five minutes. And then the doctor adjusts me — and stretches me and takes me through exercises.

I’ve never understood folks who think that chiropractors only adjust people. It’s part of it, but it’s not the whole of it. My chiropractor also advises me on the basics of bio-mechanics, back movements, posture improvement and supplementation.

To that last point, my chiropractor has put me on an anti-inflammatory supplement called Inflavonoid Intensive Care. It’s basically a natural food supplement with lots of curcumin, boswellia and ginger. I’ve taken eight per day as a “loading dose,” suggested by my chiropractor.


One of the primary risks of the supplement is big-time heartburn, but that hasn’t happened for me. But I do sense that it’s a good partner with ibuprofen, which you can take with the supplement.

Whatever the reality, I’m feeling better three weeks into new chiropractic routine than I have since last year. Does this supplement have anything to do with it? Who knows, but what I have is in large part a back inflammation problem, and if I continue to improve at this rate, I’ll definitely give this product some of the credit.

For the record, not only am I not a doctor, I’m not all that bright*. I’m not sure I’d listen to me about where to have dinner. However, this is my experience, so there you have it.

*at least some of the time

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