December 5, 2023

Several weeks ago, I had some dental work done that left me in a lot of pain. The work wasn’t the cause of the pain although I wasn’t in pain before I had the work. Instead, the work really just exposed some issues and, somewhere in there, I got an infection in a couple of molars that sure felt like it spread to my jaw as a whole.

Five weeks worth of pain and easily seven or eight visits to the dentist and endodontist.

Well, the pain and a sore mouth makes is super easy to avoid healthier options and, instead, eat softer and more high-calorie foods. In that time, I stopped exercising and miraculously didn’t gain any weight. I had gained some during the time when Mom was sick, but for the entire year, I really haven’t had a good workout routine.

I got back to it today. Did two miles on the treadmill.

It’s important that I not try to make up for every moment of lost time in one workout. I made it a point to stretch both before and after my run, and I neither ran too fast nor too far.

It felt good.

I’m not one to like discomfort, which is what exercise seems to be sometimes. However, this video from Joe Rogan does a fantastic job of explaining the role of exercise in how we feel. As a side note, this video was very well done.

Our physical well-being is tied to our emotional and mental well-being, and those two are tied back to physical. However, if we take care of the physical part of things, we’ll find ourselves off to a good start on the other two. It all works together.

Aside from that, I know I’m not the greatest videographer on my block, much less on YouTube, but damn if I don’t enjoy this process. I just hope to get better at it over time. I’d love any tips you might have for me. I know I need to get a lav mic set up for my iPhone or, heck, maybe just a better camera altogether.

But first priorities first, and that means workout No. 2 happens on Sunday.

Hope you’ll come find me on YouTube at or venture on over to Twitter @ryanwelton. 

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