December 5, 2023

We’re headed down the homestretch now. Three weeks to go until my third half-marathon in Oklahoma City, and my fourth time participating in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon event overall.

But first, it was Redbud Classic weekend in the city, and I’m a board member, which means I volunteered. Usually, I’d add “all weekend” to that, but we canceled the bicycle event this year due to ice.

That’s right. Wintry precipitation in Oklahoma.

In April.

However, the weather was perfect for runners on Sunday: 48 degrees, cloudy and moist. Ideal.

And this was my third and final year to serve on the board. It’s been a real honor. I’m excited to run this event next year!

As for this weekend, I did my long run Saturday. Nearly five miles in 43-degree weather.

In April.

It’s not my coldest run to-date. That would have been my Alexandria, Virginia, run when I visited my girlfriend’s sister and brother-in-law. I ran a trail out that way in 38-degree temps.

And then tonight (Monday), I did a quick two miles to focus on form and speed. Finished in under 24:00, which is well ahead of my corral time of 12:30.

I should move up and run faster with the fast peeps.

The rest of the week will be focused on short work, honing in on form, posture, good foot strikes and maintaining this breathing technique that I believe has really been helping. The technique is simple. I focus much more on breathing out than sucking in oxygen.

I find that I feel more energized when I focus on ridding my body of CO2.

Maybe I’m crazy.

Alas, I’d like to run another 3 and a 2-miler this week before doing 9.73 around Lake Hefner this weekend. That’s my final big test to ensure my body is up for a half-marathon challenge.

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