My first Costco purchase? Pizza. Seriously.

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My wife and I did something this past weekend I had never intended us doing. We got a Costco membership, mostly at the advice of a colleague and good friend who said that the gas savings alone would pay for the $120 membership.

BTW, he’s 100 percent correct. One week in, and we’ve already saved $3. It doesn’t take a mathematician to realize that it equates to $150 a year, minimum.

There’s so much to look at in Costco, but I’m awaiting that adventure for an afternoon that my wife is available. For tonight, after a busy Thursday, I was tired and hungry. I bought a pizza.

A huge pizza.

For $9.95.

What in the Little Caesar’s Pizza Shuttle is this!?

My first value-find in the land of for-the-masses wholesale, that’s what.

For what it’s worth, the pizza was danged tasty. Quite adequate, although the test to any basic pizza like this is how it’ll taste the day after.

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