December 9, 2023

It was settled before I even awakened. I wasn’t leaving the house this Sunday. All my chores were done and Christmas shopping complete.

My four-day weekend started with Shingrix vaccine No. 2, which had me really achy through early Saturday. I didn’t have the energy I had over my previous holiday days off, in which I cleaned the garage, worked out pretty hard and still caught up on some work to-dos.

Kristi and I had gone to the Oklahoma City Thunder game, a last-shot 104-103 win over the Los Angeles Clippers. It was a tremendous Christmas present from my wife, and they were the best seats I’ve ever had at a major league sporting event.

This Sunday though, I really needed to catch up on everything. Housework. Wrapping. The news. Preparation for the week ahead.

I needed to ensure no temptation to stray far from the house. So, PJs it was. They set the stage for brain and spirit chill.

Not only did I get everything I needed to do done, I watched an afternoon full of football including a tremendous 31-30 Green Bay win over Baltimore, just a fantastic NFL game.

Then I watched two episodes of HGTV’s “Home Town” with my wife, a Sunday tradition that we parlayed earlier this year into a visit to Laurel, Mississippi.

Dinner was so very Sunday-esque. Kristi made tuna noodle casserole. And it was fabulous.

It’s the freshest I’ve felt going into a Monday in a long time – and it started with a decision to go with PJs all day.

Highly recommend.

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