September 28, 2023

There are worse fates, I suppose. It could have been an original polka song, a rant about something inappropriate. It could have been a video of me dancing.

That would have been, uh, disconcerting.

Based on the success of a couple recent videos on my @ryanisthatdude channel, TikTok apparently is telling me that I should make my channel be about baseball. Two videos have, out of the blue, gotten me almost 8,000 views and netted me 30 new followers in just a few days.

Yes, I’m aware that’s small potatoes.

FWIW, I just gained three new followers in the past minute after I posted a TikTok about Sunday’s lost no-hitter, a 1-0 win for Pittsburgh, after the Reds’ Hunter Greene and Art Warren combined for a no-no.

Never did I think that anybody would care about what I have to say about a sport I love.

They still might not.

However, I’ve tapped into a demand for baseball content that I didn’t realize was there. This brings up a bigger point though that I’ve told folks I work with, and that’s when TikTok decides to give you reach — that’s ultimately the type of content you do from there on. It’s like you’ve unlocked a key, and the only way to progress is to obey your social platform masters.

It’s as if TikTok has assigned me my beat.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. I’ve been a Major League Baseball diehard since I was 7 years old. I’ve visited about half the MLB stadiums, and I own about 40-50 MLB caps. I watch a ton of live baseball and regularly watch replays of old games.

As a content guy and a baseball lover, I feel as if the TikTok gods have shined on me.

If you’d like to follow along, it’s @ryanisthatdude.

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