September 28, 2023

TikTok likes me. It really likes me. Or maybe I should say that my long, digital nightmare is over.

I can finally go live on my TikTok channel (@ryanisthatdude) because I have 1,000+ followers.

That monumental milestone happened this morning, and as of 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, I was at 1,095 followers on my channel still devoted to baseball.

For today it is. As long as this diamond momentum wants to dance, I’m willing to do the digital tango.

But now that I can go live, will I?

And what will I talk about?

This is easy for me as a content creator and digital strategist. The most important part is to go live as a matter of process just because. Going live is vital to growing community and strengthening connection. This is what I tell our reporters at the local news station. Go live just because; you can tailor the content to the topics you feel most comfortable with. Go live during breaking news. Go live and talk about cooking, running, tennis, music. Something.

This TikTok is a baseball channel, so I’m not going to have any issues with conversational comfort. My first thought is that I’d turn on some baseball, turn the sound down and then talk about the games as they happen. It could be a live chat on game day about the games going on.

I could also invite a fellow baseball TikTok’er to talk about the great game. Or a baseball player?

One could also do Q&A with followers. I’m not an expert by any means, but I s’pose I could play one on TV.

Another ‘go live’ idea is to go over baseball stats weekly. Batting average, homers, team pitching, fielding, batting, etc.

What I would advise anybody else is to:

  • Plan a time to go live
  • Plan some topics
  • Commit to at least 30 minutes to an hour

That’s what I’ll do, and I think I’ll plan to do it midday Sunday alongside all the early baseball games.

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