September 28, 2023

A friend and former colleague sent me a DM on Instagram to tell me that sharing TikToks to Instagram were going to result in reduced reach, something I’d heard many times before. But danged if I didn’t give it any credence.

“I don’t get any reach anyway,” I said. Or something like that.

And then this morning, when I posted a vertical video of me playing an original tune that, to me, still sounds like a TV show theme 30 years after I wrote it, I posted it to TikTok.

Then to Instagram – as a separate, unmarked video.

Boom, did it take off! Not that it ended the day with 1M views and 100,000 likes, but my friend was correct. Furthermore, the premise applies even to super small creators. Upload originals only to the Gram to get that reach. Today’s video reached more than 4,400 people and got 78 likes and six comments.

For context, this is about 5-6 times the amount of reach and engagement I get.

Stubborn me learns another one the hard way! Thanks, friend, for the advice!

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