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The story behind, “Dear OG&E,” & remembering the 2007 Oklahoma ice storm


We had ice in central Oklahoma today, but I’m not sure we can call it an ice storm. Back in 2007, we had an ice storm.

And it was an ice storm of epic proportions.

I was in my third year of work at the ABC affiliate in Oklahoma City, and I spent my days writing stories and sending out alerts via email — digital tactics that were pre-Facebook. It’s bizarre to think about. There were no push alerts. There was no Facebook really, yet. Not for anybody but college students. Definitely no Twitter, no Instagram, no Snap.

We just wrote stories, posted video and sent out a lot of emails to subscriber lists.

It was late November. Freezing temps and a big patch of moisture converged on the Sooner State, and we knew it was coming. It dropped a ton of freezing precipitation, enough that trees in Norman bent over quickly. Ultimately, the city of Norman lost a bunch of historic trees — and those trees pulled out a bunch of electricity meter boxes from the sides of homes.

Everybody in central Oklahoma was without power, some for days.

Others for weeks.

I didn’t have electricity for two weeks. The station put me up at the nearby Best Western on Santa Fe and 63rd in Oklahoma City. I spent so much time at that hotel over the years that it’s officially my most-visited hotel, although the Omni in Dallas comes close. Editor’s note: I love the Omni in Dallas. Best. Hotel. Ever.

The reason I didn’t have electricity for so long was because the fallen tree pulled out my meter box. My electricity provider was backed up with thousands upon thousands of power issues, and my neighborhood was super low priority.

But I got homesick quickly.

One night, I skipped the hotel and drove back to Norman, determined to sleep in my own bed. It was 26 degrees in my house because it was 26 degrees outside, and I had no heat. I slept in my winter coat and a hoodie and pants and sweats and probably a gorilla costume. It was so damned cold, but I was in my own bed, and I was thrilled.

I got up the next morning and took the world’s quickest shower.

The whole experience led me to write a song called, “Dear OG&E,” which I posted to my YouTube channel. It’s gotten 3,300 or so views over the years, and it got the attention of some of OG&E’s communications team, whom I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know over the years while I worked at Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores. Fantastic people.

What made the video, however, wasn’t me or my creativity or even the timing of the song with the storm. Nope. It was my late cat, Finley, who meowed on cue at the end of the tune. Her timing was impeccable.

So, as Oklahoma dealt with its dose of winter Tuesday (with me now at the CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City, I should note), I shivered and bemoaned the fact that it’s not baseball season yet.

However, I didn’t complain.

It could have been a whole lot worse. Believe that!


Valentine’s Day original song: “Somebody Loves You”


All my music posted to YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/RyanWeltonMusic

Licensing: ryanwelton AT gmail DOT com.

Somebody Loves You (Valentine’s Day Song)
c. 2018
Ryan Welton

Verse 1:
If I bought you flowers
Would it make you long for spring
If I said the magic words
Would they mean anything?

Trust me, you can do it
Tell me what you want this year
Valentine’s Day is special
When the one you love is near

But baby,
You tell me
Wednesday’s just another day to you
I’ll take to
My piano
And my heart will write the words I want to say
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Somebody loves you
And his name is me
And me wants to tell you
That he’s fallen for you completely


Verse 2:
Remember us in Reedsport
Hand in hand along the beach
As recently as three years ago
This kind of love for me was out of reach

And baby,
You tell me
Wednesday’s just another day to you
I’ll take to
My piano
And my heart will write a love song just for you
Oh, oh, oh, oh


This YouTuber kills it with a Casio on ‘Cheat Codes’


My dad used to tell me you’re only as good as the piano you’re playing on.

Tell that to Stefan Abingdon — ST£FAN — on YouTube, whose fine work I discovered tonight — namely this awesome composition called “Cheat Codes,” done all with a Casio keyboard and a pocket operator.

The good stuff starts at :21. The guy has terrific flow and lyrical abilities, and he knows his video games to boot!

This video has only 2,130 views, which is the big problem with YouTube for non-corporate types these days. Stefan’s work is greatness and it’s been out there a month, and only 2,130 views. But like I wrote in my post about YouTube and community building, it takes way more than just posting music videos to cut through the noise on YouTube.

Marketing. Community building. Interaction. Social. Rinse, repeat, over and over.

As with any good rabbit hole, I started kicking the tires on Stefan’s channel and figured out pretty quick that he’s a hyper-talented dude. The “Cheat Codes” track wasn’t a one-trick pony. Take this song he plays with his dad called “Uncredible.” Stefan is a damned good musician (and so is his pops).

Side note: I’m totally buying a tambourine for my left foot.

I hope you’ll give his channel a visit and a subscription. I’ve been doing my ‘community work’ on YouTube for a couple days now, and he’s the first musician who’s inspired my creativity.

As always, I hope you’ll include me in your next YouTube rabbit hole. You can find me at youtube.com/RyanWeltonMusic



Yacht Rock Original: “Everybody’s Girl”


I’ve loved all-things yacht rock before the genre even had a name. Christopher Cross, Toto, Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Hall & Oates: love all of it.

And after 20 years I finally have a classification for all the music I write. Well, that and smooth jazz.

Here’s my latest. It’s a tune about a girl who is the ultimate people-pleaser. She’s “Everybody’s Girl.”


Oh, if you dig the song, please come subscribe to my YouTube channel. I post all sorts of stuff out there but try to keep it to all-thing smooooooth. My channel is YouTube.com/soonerryan2000

Lyrics below:

EVERYBODY’S GIRL (a yacht rock original) c. 2017, Ryan Welton

Verse 1: You talk about us, you never stop I can tell: my ears are ringing

You’re chirping here and you’re buzzing there I’d much rather hear birds singing

But if everybody talks, then nobody listens

To the words they say

Maybe I’d have a fightin’ chance some other way


Verse 2: I’ll meet you down at the club tonight

You can tell the boys you’re single

Wear that black dress that’s extra tight

I’ll observe you while you mingle

Pour me a whiskey

Hell, make it a double

Dance the night away

But I can’t pretend to be at ease while you’re at play


CHORUS: She’s everybody’s girl (everybody’s)

If you can be OK with her as everybody’s girl

Then go ahead and step inside her crazy, crazy world

There’s few who can survive it for long

Everybody’s girl


Verse 3: She looks at me but she dreams of him

That’s a constant game she’s playin’

She never says what she really means

Unless she punctuates, “Just sayin'”

Call her a phony

Or just a pretender

You can call me a fool

The girl plays with minds like she plays with hearts: no rules


Ticket To Fly: #TBT ‘Smooth Jazz’ tune I had completely forgotten (video)


I’ve failed to keep up with my YouTube comments and with the subject of this very blog, half of which is ‘Smooth Jazz.’ On the other hand, I did achieve what I set out to do at the beginning of the year — and that’s to re-start this blogging endeavor that I had so enjoyed some 10-15 years ago.

But it was a comment from a YouTuber named Hector that caught my attention tonight. He wrote on one song of mine that he was responsible for at least 50 of the 362 views of an original tune I posted called “Ticket To Fly.”

So, I responded with gratitude for sure…but then I had to listen to the song. To remember it.

This is “Ticket To Fly,” and I wrote it seven years ago. I’m not sure whether it’s more Steely Dan influenced or more akin to something I’ve heard from more straight ahead smooth jazzers such as Acoustic Alchemy, The Rippingtons or something like the Brand New Heavies.

Hope you enjoy it as much as Hector has, and I’d love it if you’d come check out my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/soonerryan2000

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