This YouTuber kills it with a Casio on ‘Cheat Codes’

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My dad used to tell me you’re only as good as the piano you’re playing on.

Tell that to Stefan Abingdon — ST£FAN — on YouTube, whose fine work I discovered tonight — namely this awesome composition called “Cheat Codes,” done all with a Casio keyboard and a pocket operator.

The good stuff starts at :21. The guy has terrific flow and lyrical abilities, and he knows his video games to boot!

This video has only 2,130 views, which is the big problem with YouTube for non-corporate types these days. Stefan’s work is greatness and it’s been out there a month, and only 2,130 views. But like I wrote in my post about YouTube and community building, it takes way more than just posting music videos to cut through the noise on YouTube.

Marketing. Community building. Interaction. Social. Rinse, repeat, over and over.

As with any good rabbit hole, I started kicking the tires on Stefan’s channel and figured out pretty quick that he’s a hyper-talented dude. The “Cheat Codes” track wasn’t a one-trick pony. Take this song he plays with his dad called “Uncredible.” Stefan is a damned good musician (and so is his pops).

Side note: I’m totally buying a tambourine for my left foot.

I hope you’ll give his channel a visit and a subscription. I’ve been doing my ‘community work’ on YouTube for a couple days now, and he’s the first musician who’s inspired my creativity.

As always, I hope you’ll include me in your next YouTube rabbit hole. You can find me at



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