September 29, 2023

Watching CBS’ “Ghosts” with my family while watching UCLA battle Northwestern on my phone and keeping up with the United States-Venezuela quarterfinal game in the World Baseball Classic.

First musing: “Ghosts” is the most clever, interesting, and funny network TV show in years. We’re almost through Season 1. I’ve been told the British version is even better.

Second musing: While ‘March Madness’ is awesome, I’m not the type to celebrate the 16 over the 1 or the 15 over the 2. I don’t love the upsets, especially when the lower-seeded team loses in the next round. Seems like a waste. When a program like Kentucky loses to St. Peter’s every once in a while, I enjoy it.

It’s a comeuppance.

But for fans of Arizona, Purdue, and Virginia, it happens way too much. I feel bad for Goliath these days more than I root for David.

If that makes me bad, so be it.

Third musing: The World Baseball Classic is great to watch and great for the game of baseball. Great. Trea Turner just hit a grand slam to put USA up 9-7 over Venezuela. And they held on, advancing to face Cuba on Sunday.

Fourth musing: Rooting for UCLA to win the men’s tourney. They remind me of what the sport used to be with players staying all four years. I feel like we’ve lived a full life with Jaime Jaquez Jr., and with Tyger Campbell. Really, really want these guys to claim the crown as a reward for perseverance.

Fifth musing: Watching ‘The Bachelor’ with my wife on the couch. Would you believe that it was me who got Kristi to watch the show? I’ve been a regular for a long time. We’re a little behind; no spoilers, please.

And Zach just broke up with Brooklyn, who is from Stillwater, Okla. Just up the road. Zach has done everything with class so far. Really impressed by him.

Toast to you and your weekend. I’m enjoying some Old Forester 100 Proof, a bourbon that has become my house choice. I hope you’re making progress on those hobbies, housework, cultivating your dreams, or spending quality time with your significant other.

I’ve got a day filled with homework Sunday. Class No. 4 in my Digital Audience Strategy program at Arizona State University if Digital Audience Research. It’s all about big data, and the read is interesting but not easy. I can’t believe I’m more than 30 percent through the program.

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