December 9, 2023

There are a number of creators I enjoy on TikTok, but probably none to whom I relate more than Timm Chiusano.

Timm is a VP with Spectrum Reach Advertising, and he works in Brooklyn. He busts his tail, works smart, appears to have a high EQ and is an awesome family man. Dotes on his wife and daughter. Enjoys a cold beer with popcorn each night, and if that night happens to be Monday – he’s eating fish tacos, too.

His background was originally TV. Same line of work as me, generally. Timm was in sports, and I’m in digital.

Timm is one of those guys who documents his process, a process that starts with a 4 a.m. wake-up call. (Oof. If only I had that discipline and sleep hygiene to be able to do that.)

A process that includes the hustle on the weekend.

A lifestyle that includes long walks and workouts.

A universe that for him appears to be very intentional.

He recently said in a TikTok that his mission is to make the corporate world more human. I can’t speak for his other fans, but Timm has basically become my mentor without realizing it.

Timm’s videos captured my attention early on, but there was something he said in a video Jan. 24 about the hard work he puts in that made me say, “Yes, this exactly.” I’ve never heard anybody say it the way he did.

When somebody asked him why he was working on the weekend, he said:

“Because as long as I have her, and we’re in a good place – and obviously Evelyn, too – then I’m going to keep busting my ass and see where this goes.”

And I feel the exact same way about my her and my Evelyn.

Any time I start to feel burned out, I’m watching that video.


“you are perfectly whole and complete exactly as you are right now” Andrew Murnane #mentortiktok

♬ Wes Anderson-esque Cute Acoustic – Kenji Ueda

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