December 5, 2023

My chiropractor and I like to use a phrase relative to keeping my back healthy: motion is lotion.

The idea is that the more I move, the more I *can* move. The better I feel. The healthier I get.

In the digital world, my current obsessions are this blog and TikTok. The blog is an obsession because I’m starting to see some real traffic success, largely thanks to a recent post detailing my inability (and really everybody’s inability) to find Fritos. I’ve long had a pretty good sense about how to attack written content in such a way that would appeal to Google. Mere mortals call it SEO. People who are much smarter and more together than I call it a ‘business, man.’

However, TikTok is the future.

I mean that in both the most excited of ways but with the most serious of intentions. TikTok will be the biggest, most important social media platform on the planet within five years. Of course, I’m alluding to an overtaking of Facebook for that honor.

TikTok is not for Gen Z. It’s not for Millennials. It is for everybody.

It is for content creators. It is for storytellers. It is for business, and it is for fun.

This is your opportunity to get on the train early, and yes – it is still early. You might not have another year or two before the platform’s maturity starts pushing away newcomers. Before that concerns you, note that with YouTube, it was still relatively easy to build an audience there for up to 7-8 years after it emerged. Heck, you still can.

All that to say, I’m studying this platform. And I’m 51 years old. I want to figure out what makes TikTok tick so that I can show you. After I show my news colleagues at work of course, many of whom are well ahead of me on the platform.

The question for today: Does posting multiple times per day versus only once per day have any impact on growth?

In other words, as I related regarding my chiropractic advice, is motion lotion? Does movement on TikTok equate to progress? Let me show you my video views count over the past few weeks:

First, it’s important to note that as of Tuesday night, January 18, I only have 287 followers on my channel @ryanisthatdude. Even I wouldn’t take advice from me. It’s a good thing I’m not giving you any, lol. I’m merely sharing data related to my own experience. Speaking of ‘advice,’ it’s important to note that I haven’t abided by the most standard suggestions from TikTok gurus across the globe.

For example:

  • I post videos about lots of things. I’m a diverse human. News, digital content, music, fun. Why limit my options? Experts say: find a niche. However, they also say that whatever you go viral with, that’s what you become.

    I’m dipping several toes into the pond. All good. If something starts to stick, I’ll do more of it.
  • I don’t do much in the way of trends. I’m not dancing. I don’t use music with significant profanity. While TikTok gurus say that trends are the most important thing you can do, I’m perfectly content forging a different path.

To be honest, my goal is 1,000 followers so that I can go live. I believe the 1,000 follower mark is the point where a TikTok channel can really take off IF the channel proprietor will actually go live. I’m watching TikTok lives a lot recently. My goals are significantly smaller than the average digital influencer aspirant.

I don’t follow the rules for niche-following.

I don’t do the TikTok trends.

And I’m not looking to become famous from TikTok. I just want 1,000 followers so that I can go live.

But I’m willing to follow one common piece of TikTok growth advice: post more often. Up until about a month or two ago, the advice from experts was to post 2-3 times per day. As of January ’22, the advice is to post fewer times and to post higher-quality videos.

I’m a step behind. Quantity over quality.

However, in the most recent two weeks, it’s made an impact. More video views, significantly more. And I’ve landed about 35 new followers on the strength of a handful of video franchises. I am doing ‘Digital News Updates’ where I point visitors to the most interesting in digital news on that particular day. At night, I’m posting 80s songs and asking visitors to ‘Guess That Song.’ I’ve even started a series called ‘Small Town News’ where I’m giving advice to small-town visitors who might want to cover the news in their home towns.

Anyway, check out the data:

That’s +33 in followers in two weeks. The only thing I did was post twice per day, most every day. For each video franchise, I’d use a similar cover graphic. And I’d make specific calls to action, asking for followers.

Keep in mind, many TikTok creators go from 0 to 10,000 just like that on the strength of creativity and talent. Most creators, if they’ll stick with it, will eventually have at least one video go viral enough to get them over the 1,000 follower mark.

I’ll write about my quest weekly, detailing what works, what doesn’t work and what I’ve Iearned along the way. Maybe one day — one day — I’d be somebody worth taking advice from on TikTok!

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