December 9, 2023

Blame it on COVID-19, a summer strike at a Frito-Lay plant in Topeka, Kansas, or blame it on the Frito Bandito; but good luck finding a normal-sized bag of Fritos anywhere in Oklahoma right now.

Seriously. I’m not nearly the only person who has written about it either.

Kristi and I only noticed this past weekend when she made her hall-of-fame worthy chili. A dollop of sour cream, some shredded cheese and I’m in heaven.

So long as I have a bag of Fritos nearby.

None to be found.

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According to this story in the Santa Fe New Mexican, it appears to be more of a COVID-related supply-chain issue than any holdover from this summer’s labor strike. These days, any unavailable ingredient can collapse the entire supply chain.

What’s especially weird is that there really isn’t a corn chip alternative available at most stores.

UPDATE as of Jan. 9: There are plenty of Fritos ‘Scoops,’ but that’s not cutting it.

I did ask a clerk at Walmart who acknowledged that she had been asked about Fritos several times in the past couple of weeks. She has been told Fritos would return to shelves by end of January. This isn’t great timing considering it’s Frito Pie season and all, but it’s better news than the fate that befell Beefamato.

The alternative, fwiw, isn’t a generic corn chip. It’s to buy variety packs that have Fritos in them.


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14 thoughts on “Where did all the Fritos go? Is there a Fritos shortage?

  1. There is a Frito shortage in Illinois as well. I was making a big pot of chili myself, and we usually get the Fritos Scoops to go along with it, but there was not a Scoop to be had. I lucked out and got the last two bags of regular Fritos at the local gas station just before New Years, but still haven’t seen any stock refills. There is an abundance of Tostitos in the stores, but those are certainly not the same!

  2. Nope, no scoops around the DFW area, either. I checked Wal Mart, Kroger, Alberton’s, Tom Thumb, Dollar General, CVS, Walgreen, and 7-11 last Sunday (January 9). Every store said they’d been out for a couple of weeks, except DG. The manager said Frito-Lay delivered some that morning to her store (I bought the only two on the shelf) and the vendor told her that would be it for several weeks. The vendor also confirmed it was an ingredient/supply chain issue, nothing to do with the strike. Wish they’d come back soon…gotta have the scoops for Super Bowl Velveeta/Rotel dip, and regular Fritos for my chili while the weather is cooled down! 🙂

  3. Short supply of all types of Fritos (except honey bbq – YUCK) in MA and it’s been like this for weeks and weeks and weeks. Ridonk prices on Amazon.

  4. I bought some a few weeks ago now all they have is scoops. Everything else for the chili was in my cart I just put everything back and grabbed a frozen pizza.

  5. WTF are the Fritos? I live in Houston and I just made a huge pot of homemade chili, (because it’s Frito pie season) and I can’t find Fritos. I’ve been to six grocery stores and several convenient stores. NO FRITOS! Finally found the scoops at Walmart, but the regular Fritos are preferred. Oh well..chili, Fritos, shredded cheese and sour cream is going down. Good luck. The struggle is real.

  6. I thought I could outsmart the system and bought one of those big multi packs- it was suppose to have 4 bags of Fritos- well guess what? There was only one!!! I cannot Believe this is happening!!!!!! WTH???

  7. Chicago area has same issue. Spoke with Frito Lay rep at local supermarket. One case a week per store. Labor issue.

  8. There is limited fritos in Texas. A cousin of mine said they have them (some) in the store and they are gone immediately. I just got on I can buy a party size of scoops. FOR 14.48 a bag. This is just not what it appears to be. Check the prices on amazon. Sellers are selling them by the case. For 10 bucks a bag. I also wanted to make frito pie with homemade chili. Since Christmas.

  9. I’m visiting Oklahoma from Georgia and I’ve tried to find the chili cheese ones and can’t except in the box of snack size. Everything else I could find 😢

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