Whatever happened to Beefamato by Mott’s?

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Every time I go to the grocery store and see Clamato, I wonder about another product from Mott’s called Beefamato. And today after seeing a new version of Clamato called Picante, I decided to put this into the ether: Bring Beefamato back!

Mostly, I kid because Beefamato couldn’t possible have been good for you. It was a cocktail of tomato juice and beef broth with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, for those who were severely under-indexing on their daily sodium intake.

But I loved it, at least when I used to get hangovers. God Almighty, Beefamato was a wonder cure for a wicked hangover. No hair of the dog needed.

Of course, the better solution to avoiding hangovers is moderation or abstinence, and I didn’t so much choose the former as turning 40 did the trick. But that doesn’t explain why Mott’s just stopped producing Beefamato.

In a response to a fan back in 2015, Mott’s said this of their tasty beverage:

Thanks for reaching out, DeAnna. We do not currently make Beefamato, but we will let our team know that it is still in demand!

I am not DeAnna nor do I know DeAnna, but I feel like we’re simpatico in our appreciation for the fine salt lick that was Beefamato. What are some products you used to love but that are not made anymore?

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