Whatever happened to Beefamato by Mott’s?

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Every time I go to the grocery store and see Clamato, I wonder about another product from Mott’s called Beefamato. And today after seeing a new version of Clamato called Picante, I decided to put this into the ether: Bring Beefamato back!

Mostly, I kid because Beefamato couldn’t possible have been good for you. It was a cocktail of tomato juice and beef broth with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, for those who were severely under-indexing on their daily sodium intake.

But I loved it, at least when I used to get hangovers. God Almighty, Beefamato was a wonder cure for a wicked hangover. No hair of the dog needed.

Of course, the better solution to avoiding hangovers is moderation or abstinence, and I didn’t so much choose the former as turning 40 did the trick. But that doesn’t explain why Mott’s just stopped producing Beefamato.

In a response to a fan back in 2015, Mott’s said this of their tasty beverage:

Thanks for reaching out, DeAnna. We do not currently make Beefamato, but we will let our team know that it is still in demand!

I am not DeAnna nor do I know DeAnna, but I feel like we’re simpatico in our appreciation for the fine salt lick that was Beefamato. What are some products you used to love but that are not made anymore?


  1. Please bring back Beefamato. It was the best. Stop experimenting with these other concoctions. You have a winner with Beefamato.

  2. A warm cup of Beefmato was a go to if you had a cold. And with the weather we’ve been having.
    People need something warm and cozy like Beefmato.

  3. I totally agree I would pay anything to get beefamato. it was much better in bloody Mary’s I’ve been searching the world for it I wish they’d make it again

  4. The Pandemic would have been much more tolerable with Beefamato! Please do a re-release!

  5. Please bring back Beefamata. It was good in the morning instead of tomatoe juice, good with my bloody Mary and to use in recipes.

  6. I used to use it 50/50 with Clamato in a Bloody Caesar (vodka, Clamato,lime juice, tabasco, worcester) derivative. Or without the Clamato as a Bloody Bull. Breakfasts of champions especially if served beside a Loco Moco. Best hangover cure ever. Don’t ask about salt or cholesterol.

  7. I agree I think there’s a need for beefamato.! One of the best drinks right off the store shelf ever had. No need to add anything just turn it up drink the way make sure you shake it up!!! Bring it back please.

  8. Agree Beefamato is better than Clamato. I would have thought Budweiser would have agreed if they would have done a taste test

  9. Isn’t that the way. Stop making the good stuff and keep making the shit. It’s the American way.

  10. Something I really miss that isn’t made anymore is those little 70s plastic tubes of garlic cheese – Kraft made them, and they looked like a tube of breakfast sausage, but they had a red cap in the center that you unscrewed and squeezed out the garlicky fake cheese. SO delicious! I’d give 5 bucks for one now.

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