December 5, 2023

If you watched the Sunday night NFL game between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, you may have seen this spot for Microsoft Surface:

The commercial ‘resurfaced’ Monday night for the CFP championship game between Alabama and Georgia. Get it? ‘Resurfaced’? Intended.

That my friends is “Don’t Lose Sight” from a band called Lawrence, headed up by brother-sister duo Clyde and Gracie Lawrence. And the tune is from an album called Hotel TV, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. There’s a clear tweak in the for-TV commercial, the ‘stuff’ that’s gonna kill me as opposed to the ‘shit’ but my hope is that these spots turn America’s ears on to this group.

The album is phenomenal. Their sound is phenomenal. Terrific pop writing, musicianship. I’m an over-50 fanboi of these kids and their rock n’ roll.

Seriously. Give them a listen.

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