December 2, 2023

In the couple weeks since I blogged about Big Brother 20 being Tyler’s or Sam’s to lose, a lot has happened.

Warning: veto spoilers ahead!

If you’re caught up as of August 21, you know that HoH Faysal nominated ally Scottie in a fit of jealousy disguised as strategy. Next to Scottie was Brett, and I say “was” because Brett won the veto and took himself off the block.

Kaycee was the replacement, but she’s going nowhere. Scottie will head to the jury house Thursday night.

But them’s the boring details.

Tyler and Angela are now an item, Hilton Head’s own. #Tangela. The only thing that might creep me out a little is that Tyler complimented her by saying she smelled like a baby. Lol.

But that’s not even what I’m talking about.

What I’m talking about is J.C. and Brett.

The more I watch this Big Brother season play out, the more I think one of these guys is going to win it all. J.C. has been highly influential while maintaining house popularity.

If he’s in the Final Two, he might win 9-0.

And Brett has been a devilish genius, deftly working both sides of the house and winning when he needs to.

Tyler has done nothing to dim his Big Brother shine, but Sam has. Self-pity sessions combined with a recent medical episode have caused some to doubt her will to stay in the house.

Other competitors will sniff that mess out.

In the meantime, J.C. has influenced votes and nominations the past three weeks and done it with the skill of a diplomat.

Eventually, the house has to get wise to Tyler and Brett, if they can keep them from winning the rest of the competitions.

But I’m here to tell you: if J.C. Mounduix ends up in the Final 2, he’s winning $500,000.

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