December 9, 2023

I hadn’t realized that I had covered three Mike Post themes on my YouTube channel, but I had — and I pretty much love each of these tunes equally. The big hit I’m missing most is the theme to Hill Street Blues.

However, I posted his No. 10 smash, the theme to The Rockford Files:

That’s a super easy track to play, pretty much moving between G and C before doing a walk-down from Em and a walk-up from Am to C/D before hitting the G again.

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His No. 25 hit, theme to Magnum P.I. was equally fun to play:

This one starts in Em, and it moves all over the place. Lol. Mike Post is the master of melody, and he focuses on the chords pop pianists love the most — G and C and A and D. At least that’s my observation.

But my favorite of them all is “Believe It Or Not,” the No. 2 smash theme song from The Greatest American Hero, popularized by Joey Scarbury.

If you listen closely, Post uses a chord in “Believe It Or Not” that he used in Magnum P.I., and that’s the C/F, the C chord on top of the F. It’s rich and sweet.

Many more to do before I create my very own Mike Post playlist. He’s definitely an idol of mine!

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