December 5, 2023

One year ago tonight, I was in New York City, the second of a three-day stay for business. Earlier in the afternoon, I visited the Hearst Building, something I had always wanted to check out.

The day before, I got to run in Central Park. Knocked out three miles and crossed something uber-cool off my bucket list.

Photos to come.

Free for the evening, I did what I do when I travel: explore. I got hustled by a rap-CD salesman who thought I looked like I was from Arkansas.

“Nope! Couldn’t be more wrong,” I said. “Oklahoma!”

I also got lost on the subway, headed toward Coney Island instead of back toward east Midtown and the San Carlos hotel.

But the highlight of the night was dropping $50 to visit the top of the Empire State Building. I had been up once before, but this was a better experience given that they had opened the TOP top of the building.

A secondary part of the historic building had previously been as far as one could climb.

Plus, in 2017, so there was social media for me to share it with you! If you get a chance, go. There’s not a long wait, and you’ll see views of the city you can’t get anywhere else.

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