September 28, 2023

Christmas 2021 has come and gone, and Santa brought me lots of goodies. My favorite types of gifts to give and to get are those that have some relation to the year gone by.

An obvious need. A want. Something related to a moment.

And one of my favorite moments of 2021 was getting to visit Laurel, Mississippi, with my wife and stepdaughter on vacation. We toured downtown, the town square and drove through all the neighborhoods we believed we had seen on TV.

Here’s a peek at the downtown area:

You can check out my previous blog post for the rest.

Anyhoo, one of Santa’s gifts this Christmas was a box of Big Ben Blend coffee from the Laurel Mercantile! And I just had my first cup. It’s a breakfast blend whose ethos matches the man himself.

“Nothin’ Fancy, Just Dang Good”

It’s a breakfast blend, and while it’s definitely flavorful, it doesn’t stand out from any other breakfast blend. Perhaps it reminds me of old-school Folgers a bit.

It’s solid and gets the job done.

And it conjures the memories from an awesome trip to the home of HGTV’s “Home Town,” which for the record, Kristi and I watched hours of on Christmas Day itself.

Kristi, er, Santa also got me a Scotsman Co. refrigerator magnet, a Christmas tree ornament and a gorgeous winter flannel shirt, which I’m going to have to get altered because it’s a wee bit big.

If Oklahoma eventually gets winter-like weather, that shirt will hit the spot.

Just like Big Ben Blend did this morning!

Happy Boxing Day, friends.

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