September 28, 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays wherever you might be and however you may celebrate. One of my favorite parts of the season is all the music — and one of my favorite Christmas song books is the Reader’s Digest songbook I grew up with.

The reason I like the songbook is because of a couple of the arrangements in it. The first is an arrangement of Mel Torme’s classic, “The Christmas Song,” popularized by Nat King Cole. Jazzy chords and really sophisticated progressions you don’t normally get in a mass-market mail-order songbook from the 1980s.

The other arrangement I really liked is the ending of “My Favorite Things,” a song I just recorded for TikTok. Here it is below, and I’ll explain the ending.


“My Favorite Things,” from The Sound Of Music. #christmas #music #soundofmusic #piano

♬ original sound – Ryan Welton
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It’s a 1:46 video, so I’ll give away the ending. The chord progressions will make you sound awesome. It’s an easy hack. This is the ending:

EbMaj7, Cm9, AbMaj11, GMaj9

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