December 5, 2023

Don’t get excited. I doubled my followers from 40-something to 80-something. Ha! But it sure felt good.

After a lot of thinking, research, soul-searching, lapses of sheer laziness, I finally found my niche on TikTok. It’s not music, although I’m sure I can incorporate some smooth sounds. It’s content strategy, or as I call it “storytelling for business.” The inspiration came from the conversations I’ve been having with a co-worker about YouTube, which I wrote about here.

Before you can broaden your horizons, you first have to narrow them. This is content strategy wisdom few follow. If you’re already a celebrity or a recognized expert, you might be able to deviate from this. You might be able to post anything you’d like. However, there’s a saying in the TikTok world, and that’s “whenever you go viral — that video — that thing you did? THAT’S WHAT YOU DO NOW.”

You can either let it happen to you and then adjust once your moment of virality falls upon you — or you can decide to niche down before it happens. For me, there are only a handful of things I’m truly passionate about, and most of them I’m not knowledgeable enough. However, digital content creation and strategy are my bread and butter.

So, I recorded this video, and while it didn’t go viral in the sense that most folks experience, this was a darned good start for me. The feedback I got in new follows (@ryanisthatdude) was enough to know I was on to something.


I’ve found my niche! Storytelling for business. Content strategy. #business #contentstrategy #storytelling #digitalmarketing #fyp

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