Big Brother 20: Tyler has been saved; Bayleigh blindsided in more ways than one

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If you’ve been watching Big Brother all season, you know that South Carolina native Tyler Crispen has been this year’s puppet-master although he’s infinitely more likable than Paul Abrahamian. Tyler’s like some 1970s teen-heartthrob throwback. He might also be the fourth Hanson brother.

And if not for what happened Monday, he might have been going home Thursday.

But I’ve got good news for you: Tyler Crispen is here to stay. For now.

I don’t typically look ahead in the Big Brother game. I wait for the television episodes to take me where they will. However, upon seeing Tyler get nominated as part of the Hacker @comp that Haleigh won, I knew I couldn’t wait until Wednesday.

I had to peek.

Angela won the veto, and tonight she pulled Tyler off.

And then Angela, who like Tyler is from Hilton Head, nominated Bayleigh for eviction, sitting alongside Rockstar.

So, let’s back up for a second.

Angela had won HoH and decided on Scottie and Rockstar for nomination, and part of the beauty of that move was that it kept Bayleigh placated. Bayleigh has a power app called ‘Identity Theft’ that will allow her, until there are eight people left in the game, to hijack the nominations and put up anybody she wants.

All along, Angela’s idea has been to backdoor Bayleigh. Angela’s nominations were innocent enough, in Bayleigh’s eyes, to keep her from using her power app. It lulled her to sleep.

And might usher her out the door.

I know I’ve given away a lot here, well, unless you’re already on Twitter or the live feeds. Then you know, too. And you might have heard that Bayleigh thinks she’s pregnant. There’s talk that she asked production for Plan B after a night with Swaggy C, and talk that she believes she’s with child. It stemmed from a dream, apparently.

That’s got to freak her suburban family the heck out.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that, ready to watch an action-packed Wednesday night and then watch the houseguests send Bayleigh to the jury house Thursday night.

It could be a ‘double-eviction’ night, if you know what I mean.

In all seriousness though, what in the heck!?

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