December 5, 2023

The patron band of yacht rock, Steely Dan, will be smooth sailing into a town near you in 2018. Probably. Nearly 40 tour dates were announced Monday, and there was bonus good news for fans of the Dan: The Doobie Brothers will be joining them for several shows.

It’s a bittersweet year for Steely Dan, only months since the death of the great Walter Becker. I happened to see one of the first shows after he died, and I wrote about it here. It was the show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the River Spirit Casino.

Something I’m doing on my blog in 2018 is adding information about yacht rock concerts. This is the yacht rock concert calendar blog post I added last night, and I have already included all Steely Dan dates. Something I haven’t done yet is to link to wherever you can buy tickets. I’m just not sure which site is the most legitimate and affordable for regular folk like you and me.

Anyway, while it sure was a Monday today, at least we got a little good news about one of the greatest yacht rock acts in the history of the world — the great Steely Dan.

Enjoy one of my favorites here below, “Any Major Dude.”

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